Individual Children


Alex is a handsome young man. Alex is very outspoken, articulate and polite. He acts much older than his stated age when engaged in conversation. Alex has a desire to please adults. Alex enjoys receiving praise and responds very well to it. Alex has an excellent appetite. Alex also enjoys drawing, puzzles, and playing basketball. Alex is very imaginative and industrious.

Alex needs to be in a two parent household that is very structured, patient, understanding and willing to work with Alex’s needs. It would be best for Alex if he was in a home with no children or animals. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.) 

Austin G

Austin is a handsome young man who loves the country.  He does well with animals and he especially loves horses.  He also likes country music, his favorite artist is Kenny Chesney.  Austin is extremely smart and does well in school, he is especially good at math.  He also loves to play sports – he is very active and athletic.  Austin takes pride in his belongings and therefore takes good care of them.  Austin would do well in a family that is very patient and loving, while setting firm boundaries.   He would do best as the only child in a family, or with possibly one or two older siblings. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.)

Blake is an awesome young man he has a great personality and good attitude. He would love to have a family that would allow him to participate in sports.  Blake is interested in all sports, but would love the opportunity to play basketball. Blake’s other interests are hip-hop music and drawing.  Blake would like to learn to play the drums.  Blake  would like a family that would allow him to try new things and support him in his hobbies. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.)


Borin in 2012, Carlos is a very sweet, lovable, and resilient little boy. He is a "true survivor" who has overcome many obstacles due to his severe medical issues. He loves affection, attention, and being held. He needs constant stimulation through hugs, kisses, and interacting with him. Carlos enjoys listening to music and watching television.  He loves children and would do great in a home with other children. Carlos on a strict vegetarian diet.  Carlos continues to make strides daily, but he will need a family that will be patient and understanding of his needs. The family that adopts Carlos will need to be able to provide structure, consistency, and constant supervision. He will need a family that is nurturing, loving, affectionate, and understanding. The family will need to be able to meet his physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. He will need a family that is proactive with his therapies and will support him throughout his life.

Born in 2007, Christopher is a sweet boy. He is a genius at puzzles and can spend hours working on one. He prefers to play inside but enjoys going to the park and playing on the play structures. Christopher loves all kinds of foods and even enjoys cooking. Christopher is very excited about being adopted as this is his main focus. He would do best with a family that is kind, caring, and patient. A family will need to work with his continued counseling. Christopher needs a home where he is the only child or with children who are much older than him.  


Colby, born November 2002, is a very loving boy with a sweet smile.



Born in 1998, Cory is very sweet with a contagious smile.  He likes school and does very well.  He loves Science.  Cory enjoys playing video games and watching movies.  Cory’s favorite sport is football.  If there are other children in the home, Cory would do better if they were around his own age.   Cory likes to do things in his spare time such as riding bikes, playing a game of catch with the football, he loves reading books, listening to music and doing basic stuff with family.  He enjoys board games.  Cory is a good eater and isn’t too picky.  He likes chili dogs, hamburgers, pizza as favorite foods. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.)

Cozy, born June 2006, is a sweet docile little boy who loves to play with toys.




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