Born in 1999, Abria is a very bright girl with a beautiful smile.  Abria needs a family that can give her an abundance of love and attention.  One of her most member able times has been participating on a gymnastics team.  Abria enjoys socializing with friends and peers.  Abria will need a family that can give her consistent and well defined expectations and boundaries.  Abria will thrive in a home that can have these expectations set at the beginning.  She will benefit from a home with few children and without teenage boys.

Born in 2005, Andre is a beautiful little girl.  As many girls her age, she currently enjoys the music group One Direction and playing board games.  Andre is in need of a family who can give her firm boundaries from the beginning while she learns to trust them.  She is a very smart and insightful girl and needs a family who will encourage her and support her as she discerns her true identity.  A family that can be consistent and patient as she challenges their care for her and that can give her the necessary attention and direction would be of great benefit to Andre.  A home where Andre is the only child or a home with no boys could hold the best outcome for Andre.  Andre loves to express herself though her crafts and artistic side.


Born in 1998, Ashley is a beautiful young woman with black hair and big brown eyes. She is sweet, pretty and considered to be a nice person. Advantages to parenting Ashley are that she is appreciative and loving. Ashley enjoys coloring, watching T.V. and playing hide & seek. She enjoys attending church with her foster family. Ashley likes going to school. Ashley has a healthy appetite and enjoys chicken, greens, and corn bread, but dislikes onions. Ashley takes good care of her belongings and does not destroy them when upset. 

Ashley needs a parent or parents that can be patient with her and be able to provide a structured environment with set guidelines. Parents need to be loving and willing to provide the affection that Ashley craves and deserves. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.)


Born in 1998, Cheyene is a pleasant, happy, and imaginative young woman with people she knows. She is friendly and has a joyous nature. She shows love/affection with hugs and smiles. When Cheyene is sad or depressed, she is soothed with hugs. She is kind to younger children and it may be best thatshe is an older sister rather than a younger one. Cheyene enjoys church, shopping, and eating out in restaurants.

Cheyene has one sister who is about 17 months older, and another sister about two years, seven months younger. It is unknown how all three girls would do in the same family. Maintaining phone contact after adoption would be desirable for all of the girls.

It is recommended that Cheyene be placed in a home where she can receive the time, nurturing, and affection that she needs. She likes animals, particularly dogs, and would like to be part of a family who has animals. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.)


Born in 2001, Elizabeth is a beautiful, intelligent young lady with a beautiful smile who can be very sweet and helpful at times. She is a sweet child, but she has difficulty adapting to change. Parents will need to be willing to make sure that Elizabeth receives continued counseling and medication management. It would be best if Elizabeth is the only child in the home.  Elizabeth requires structure, guidelines and boundaries in her life. It is recommended that a family who has good parenting skills adopt Elizabeth. Elizabeth needs a family who will work with her and help her with her developmental, behavioral  and emotional needs,  as well as improving her interactions within the community.

Born in 2000, Faith is a loving, giving and helpful young lady who loves to be the center of attention.  Faith likes reading, music, and watching T.V. Faith's favorite foods are pizza, fries, burgers, bacon and grilled cheese. Faith does not like salad, but is learning to eat healthier foods. Faith is very affectionate and needs a family that can be patient with her and is willing to make her the center of their world. Faith enjoys going to school for the social aspect of it, and needs a family that will be supportive of her educational goals. Faith can excel and do very well in a loving environment with parents that can be structured and consistent and that will encourage her to excel. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.) 


Born in 1998, this pleasant young lady is Hailey. Hailey is loving, playful and very compassionate with a big heart. Hailey’s strengths are her ability to empathize and demonstrate cooperation with adult figures. She likes to please and receive rewards, which makes her happy. Hailey is an affectionate child and enjoys giving and receiving hugs. Hailey enjoys watching Disney’s Hannah Montana and playing outside. She loves fruit, but doesn’t care for vegetables. Hailey’s greatest desire in life is to have a daddy. 

Hailey has a strong desire to be adopted and be a permanent part of a family that will love her. Parents will need to be willing to make sure that Hailey receives continued counseling and medication management. It would be best if Hailey is the youngest in the home. A home without pets is preferred. Hailey is a sweet child that deserves a forever family!

Born in 2004, Haillee is very outgoing little girl who has a bold personality. Haillee is very outspoken, very curious and very observant.  She is a “people watcher” and enjoys taking in everything going on around her.  Haillee has a great appetite and will clean her plate almost every time.  Haillee's favorite treat is a milkshake.  Haillee loves riding her bike and playing with her toys.  She also likes to help clean the house.  Haillee needs a very structured and stable home environment.  She would do best in a home with two parents who are very consistent in discipline. (Shared with permission from the Arkansas DCFS.)


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