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I have always had a heart for children, adoption, and photography.  I had the wonderful opportunity in 2006 to combine all those dreams into one when I began as a volunteer with Pulaski County's DHS photographing children for the new Heart Gallery.  I still remember the overwhelming emotion I felt after that first day of meeting the children.  I came home and just cried of a broken heart for so many children that are waiting to be adopted.  That day forever changed me, and I am so thankful for that. I have now met a lot of these special children through years, watching them grow, rejoicing in their adoptions, and crying over the ones that are still waiting.  After having 3 biological children, I didn't think that my dream of adoption would ever happen, but I just kept feeling like there was more that we were suppose to do. I am so glad that God had even more in store for our family.  In 2008, we opened our home to begin fostering.  Our first foster placement was a beautiful little boy that captured our hearts immediately.  We loved, and prayed for him everyday, and when he was 15 months old, his sweet baby brother was born, and he also joined our family.  We didn't know how long we would have them, but were thankful for whatever time we had. We have loved all the children that have lived with us, and are so honored that our boys were meant to be our children forever.  We adopted them in 2010, and I thank God everyday for bringing us together forever.


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