Born in 2006, Dayelun is a sweet, laid back, and respectful little boy.  He is very guarded around adults and new people so it will take him a little while to feel comfortable when first meeting him.  He is very smart but does struggle with being distracted and unorganized.  He likes school and he doesn’t mind doing his work.  He is not very trusting of adults but he would like to have a mom and dad that really cares for him. His favorite food is pizza.

Born in 2008, Claniya is a sweet, outgoing, and playful little girl.  She has a lot of energy and is very spunky.  She is not afraid to speak her mind and gets along well with children of all ages.  She and her siblings are very close, and she is very affectionate with him.  Claniya struggles with staying on tasks and completing assignments.  Claniya doesn’t have any issues with school.  She will need a family that is nurturing, loving, and understanding.  She will need to feel safe and secure.  She will need a family that can meet her physical, emotional, and intellectual needs.  She loves Hello Kitty, drawing and playing school and riding bikes.

Born in 2008, Katelyn is an absolute doll! She has a really cute smile and she smiles often. Katelyn's personality can best be described as spunky!  She is not shy at all and she is very friendly.  Katelyn is small, but don't let that fool you she is a good eater; one of her favorite foods is tacos.  She also loves sweets!  Katelyn is in excellent health and doesn’t take medication. .  Katelyn loves to play and she is creative. She likes to act and sing, color, ride bikes and play outside. Katelyn also loves pets she especially likes horses.  Katelyn does well in school and her teacher loves her.  Her reading level is on target and everyone is really proud of how hard she has worked in school. Katelyn can have a little tantrum sometimes, usually when she is tired but these are far and few between.  Katelyn gets along well with the other girls she lives with in group care.  Katelyn will need a two parent home with her older sister, Alecia. Katelyn needs parents who will be there for her and provide her with structure as well all the little extras!  Katelyn like all children her age needs lots of love and attention.  Katelyn responds well to positive reinforcement and praise.

Born in 2004, Alicia has pretty blue eyes and brown hair. Alicia is very social and creative.  Alicia has a sweet loving personality and she loves hugs and attention.  Alicia likes to dress nice and fix her hair but she can also be an athletic and tom-boyish.   Alicia loves to sing and dance.  She is at that age where she still in between a little girl and wanting to be a teenager.  Alicia loves to participate in any extracurricular activities.  She played basketball on a city league and enjoyed it. Alicia loves riding and taking care of horses.  In fact, she loves working with the horses at the group home where she lives.  She loves anything outside. Alicia is in very good health and not on any medication. She does wear glasses but needs to be reminded to wear them.  Alicia does well in school, except in math and she is receiving some extra help. Alicia is very bright and takes pride in her work. Alicia is a confident young lady.   Alicia also helps take care of her younger sister Katelyn and protects her.  Alicia definitely likes to be in charge and she has to be reminded not to police everyone else.  Alicia will need a loving nurturing home with two parents and her younger sister Katelyn. Alicia will need parents that will provide an outlet for her creative, social side.




Tyesha born December 1998 is a beautiful young lady with an infectious smile! She is friendly and does well in school.


Cleo and Michael long to be adopted together and deserve a loving family that will help them grow to their full potential!



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