Nicole is a beautiful young lady with a vibrant personality.  She is able to gain the attention of others with little effort.  Nicole is really fun to be around. She loves music and enjoys jumping on her trampoline and completing puzzles. Nicole’s love of music translates easily into dance when she is happy. Nicole loves her hair and likes to have it fixed. Nicole also enjoys gymnastics. Nicole’s favorite television show is “Dancing With the Stars”. Her favorite food is spaghetti. Nicole also loves animals. Nicole loves bright colors and her best subject in school is Art. Nicole is very close to her sister, Brittany.


Brittany is a very shy child and enjoys being clean.  She loves music and enjoys listening to it often.  Her favorite food is desserts of any kind and when presented with them she presents with the biggest smile. Brittany also enjoys playing basketball. Brittany is not particular about her personal attire but does like her hair. Brittany has a close bond with her sister and tries to act like Nicole’s mother. Brittany’s favorite foods are spaghetti and macaroni and cheese. Brittany enjoys gymnastics and jumping on the trampoline as well.  She likes to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants on television.


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