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Evan and I first met Seth when he was four months old. His foster parents were good friends of my parents and my mom was babysitting him for the day. We instantly fell in love with his chubby little cheeks and his sparkly brown eyes but he was not available for adoption and Evan and I were not looking to become parents any time soon. At the time, we had only been married for a year, we had never tried to have a biological child, Evan was a law student and I was the sole provider for our little family... but God had other plans for us. When Seth was five months old, he changed foster homes. When Seth was six months old, he was physically abused and hospitalized for two weeks. After being released from the hospital, he was returned to his original foster parents. Shortly after his return, we ran into him and his foster parents at a restaurant. We held him that night and heard his heartbreaking story and every day since that day, he has been constantly on our minds and our hearts.  One month after our restaurant encounter, we decided that, despite all odds being stacked against us and despite our original life plan, we wanted to do everything in our power to become Seth's parents. We had fallen so in love with him (even though we didn't even really know him yet) and we knew that we could easily get our hearts broken but we also believed that he deserved for us to love him enough to risk getting our hearts broken. A few days later, Seth's parental rights were terminated (on my birthday) and he became available for adoption. A few days after that, we began taking steps to get our home "open". When Seth was 14 months old, he finally joined our family and when he was 20 months old, his adoption was finalized. He is now ours forever and we are so thankful. We absolutely couldn't imagine our lives without our precious Seth.


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