Everett is a very special young man. He loves cars, especially antique cars, and he really enjoys working with his hands. Everett is still searching for the man he wants to be and is wide open to ideas for his future. Some days he wants to be a business owner and have his own automobile mechanic shop and other days he is simply not sure, and that’s OK. He has plenty of time to get life figured out, but Everett needs to have positive influences around him to help guide him. Thanks to his trauma, Everett has a hard time building trusting relationships with the people in his life who genuinely care for him, but at the same time, he trusts other people too easily. He is very impressionable and desperately wants to belong. This is really where he needs a strong, steady hand to guide him. The really cool thing about Everett is that he is really open with his struggles. He’s never afraid to talk about what he’s thinking and ask for new ways to handle things. He’s a really self-aware, mature kid who’s not scared of working on himself. In my eyes, you can’t ask for more in a young man. Everett needs an active, outdoors-loving two-parent home that can provide a lot of attention, structure, and stability. Everett really needs parents who are patient and committed to engaging in therapy with Everett to build a trusting relationship with him. Everett is a great young man on the edge of an incredible future with the right family. We know you’re out there, and so does Everett.

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are being considered.

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