Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


The vast majority – and eventually, all – of these photos you see on the Heart Gallery are taken by wonderful professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to help our kids. These photographers do an amazing job of capturing our kids’ spirit and joy and smiles at just the right moment so you can get a glimpse of their personalities. But sometime the photos capture a little more. Some seem to capture a child’s awareness that this photo session is the third or fourth update to their photo since they became available for adoption. They catch a look in a child’s eye that he or she knows that their path to a successful adoption has not and likely will not be a quick, easy one. This is true for 14-year-old Alex. He has been adopted before, but it was not the right fit and circumstances required that he come back into foster care. As you might imagine, this has been quite traumatic for Alex and, at times, he projects his emotions about his past onto those around him who are trying to help him heal. These behaviors are quite normal, but it is going to take a patient, committed family to give Alex the room and time he needs to process his feelings while also providing him with the supportive, nurturing, safe family environment that he so longs for. If you look closely at Alex’s photo, you’ll see something else in his countenance – determination. He’s determined to make the effort to trust again and allow his heart to open to another family. Maybe that family is you.

Age: 16

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