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Our buddy Jason is all boy. He loves Legos, superheroes, electronics, and riding his bike. All-American kid, right? He also loves ANYTHING fast food-related! On one hand, Jason is easy to please and likes all the same stuff as other kids his age. But Jason has been through some trauma in his young life, so he has some obstacles to overcome that other kids may not. Jason struggles with school and keeping his emotions in check. If he does not understand something, he will explode instead of working through his frustrations. Jason never was shown how to calmly react to things not being as easy as he’d like, so when something frustrates him, he reacts the way he was taught. The good news? He’s learning new, healthier ways to express his emotions every day. This kid is a sponge! He’s eager to learn and he’s even more eager to make you proud of him, which is a great combination. Jason will be just fine with continued support and guidance. He needs to be in a home where he can get enough one-on-one time, so ideally his perfect adoptive family have few other kids. In the right environment with the right amount of structure and guidance, Jason will thrive. He’s ready. Let’s bring him home.

Age: 12

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A family has been identified for Jason! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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