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Our buddy Jayden is one special young man with some special needs. Jayden has some developmental and intellectual disabilities, and he receives specialized services to help meet his needs. He is making phenomenal strides and is rightfully proud of himself, as we all are. He also struggles at times with aggression when he gets scared or anxious or upset, and he doesn’t respond as smoothly as he could to authority figures when he finds himself in these episodes. None of these behaviors are uncharacteristic for kids with Jayden’s diagnoses and past struggles in life. And, he works hard every day to practice his coping skills and learn better ways to react when he feels unsafe or anxious. In between these brief episodes, Jayden is just like any other kiddo his age. He loves receiving gifts and attention, he’s never met a hamburger he didn’t want to eat or a football game he didn’t want to join in on, and he absolutely loves celebrating holidays! This is the Jayden that he wants to be for the right family, and we know that family is out there right now. What would that family look like? Ideally, Jayden would be the only child in the home, or at least the youngest child in the home, and his forever parents would need to be aware of and accepting of his special needs and committed to accessing the needed services to continue his amazing growth and development. In the right environment, Jayden is ready to really come into his own and amaze us all with the kind of young man he can become. To learn more, just let us know.

Age: 17

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