Grab the popcorn and fire up the Netflix, your resident binge-watching buddy awaits you! Meet Hailey, a teenage girl looking for a forever home. Hailey enjoys listening to music and watching TV. Her favorite shows are crime dramas like Law & Order and Criminal Minds. Hailey loves to help others, especially young children, and she hopes to eventually work with them one day – perhaps in a daycare, or as a pediatric therapist. It’s a goal she has to work hard at considering the challenges she faces emotionally and academically. Hailey admits to struggling to control her anger, but she receives weekly counseling to help with this, and she is making great progress that she is proud of. In school, Hailey is behind because of past circumstances. For this reason, she does have an individualized learning plan (IEP) and is getting back on track but will need a family to help with this. Hailey has expressed that she would thrive in home raised by a single mother who could help her work through her emotional and academic challenges and teach her life skills like cooking, taking care of a home, and budgeting. Submit an inquiry today to learn more.

Age: 18

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Out of state home studies are being considered.

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