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Jackson is a well-rounded kid despite the hardships he has faced in life. He loves animals, being and working outdoors, building with his hands, playing sports, riding bikes, swimming, and playing video games. He is also the comedian in the room whenever he sees an opportunity to spark joy through laughter. He enjoys being helpful and a very eager to please. School is sometimes a challenge. He responds well with nurturing discipline and needs clear boundaries provided by his forever family. He needs consistency and stability, as well as an understanding that despite him being open for adoption by himself, he does love and want connections with his siblings. He is such an active kid and his favorite memories center around going to the arcade and to the trampoline park. Both would make great ideas for a place to meet and get to know Jackson in hopes to move forward with placement. To learn more about Jackson and bringing him home, inquire below.

Age: 14

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A family has been identified for Jackson! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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