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Hey, don’t skip this bio! We know after reading several of these bios, they call can start to run together in your mind. But this kid is different, and he’s worth remembering. Our buddy Isaiah is one of those kids that makes you instantly feel like you’ve been friends for years, which is a remarkable gift. And he has a wide range of interests, from playing football and skateboarding to music and even science projects and experiments. Isaiah is a very loving young man who is very easy to get along with. He does struggle at times with motivation to do things that he knows he should, like taking care of his hygiene and schoolwork. He also can take his natural friendliness a little too far and invade your personal space unintentionally. But it’s all a part of who he is – loving, warm, friendly, and genuine. Isaiah is a great kid who just needs a family to provide a structured, consistent home and show him what a loving family looks and acts like. He has every tool to make a remarkable on this world of ours. He just needs the right family to give him the opportunity.

Age: 17

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