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Hayley is our resident social butterfly! She is very outgoing, and she has the biggest heart…she is an incredibly loving young woman. A fun note on Hayley – Most kids are not big fans of getting braces on their teeth, but Hayley is not most kids. She recently got braces and is thrilled! She used to get teased a lot because of her teeth, but now she has a wonderful smile that will only get better when the braces come off. It’s really helped her self-esteem and has let her true personality come shining through. Hayley’s big, trusting heart causes her to have trouble making friends because she takes everything to heart and gets her feelings hurt easily. We know it hurts her, but her trusting spirit is rare for a teen who’s been through trauma – it really is an amazing and positive character trait. In those moments when she does get down, though, Hayley will occasionally attempt to self-harm, but never in a serious way – it’s just an attention-seeking behavior that has faded as she’s gotten older and is becoming more confident. Hayley will test you – that is just who she is, because she wants to know you won’t give up on her. Her new parents will need to be consistent with her about rules and consequences, and like you would for any teen, monitoring her use of social media is always going to be a good idea! Hayley wants to be in a two-parent home, and she would love to have a younger sibling and a pet. (She will make a GREAT big sister!) Her adoption team also believes Hayley would do great in a single parent home that can devote attention to her. Hayley says she wants to feel like a normal child – go on vacations, learn to drive and get a license, go to the store with her mom, learn how to cook, and celebrate holidays as a family. I think we can make it happen, folks!

Age: 18

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