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Being in foster care and in need of an adoptive home is tough. Kids can feel stuck, lost, and forgotten. And when you add in the complications of being a teen -- with hormones, peer pressure, and trying to find your own voice in this world – it gets even more difficult. This is the world our buddy Hunter faces each day. Hunter understands that he has two ways to go each day. He can let the stress and pressure beat him down, or he can make a choice to be positive and hopeful. Hunter chooses the latter. He loves working outdoors and playing with animals. He also loves to eat, and there’s not much he’ll not try. Now not every day is roses and sunshine. Like most teens, Hunter has days where he has a hard time with his emotions, but Hunter’s emotional days are a little worse than some of his peers because of the trauma he’s experienced. But Hunter’s positive approach to life comes out and it allows him to get back to an even keel. He needs two parents who have experience raising kids already to help him continue his progress. Those rough days will get fewer and further between when he understands that he’s not alone and he has a home and a family that will be by his side through it all. What a great day that will be!

Age: 16

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