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Our buddy Jacob has had a rough go of things in his young life. His childhood has been marked by constant upheaval, chaos, and uncertainty. He was never sure where he would be staying or when he would be eating or where he would be going to school. His parents loved him, but they were in no position to care for him the way he needed. The constant motion Jacob experienced growing up has led to him being a little hyperactive and anxious about having things of his own. But it hasn’t affected his personality. He’s a happy, hopeful young man who loves art and playing games on his tablet. He also is a great friend with his buddies and gets along really well with his peers. Jacob is absolutely starving for stability, structure, and consistency. He is making tremendous progress while in foster care, but it’s not enough. He needs a family of his own again. One that he knows will be, for lack of a better word, “still.” Solid, stable, supportive. The perfect family for Jacob will let him be a brother to only one other sibling, which is something he really wants. Folks, Jacob is a great kid. He just needs a new start with a family who can provide him with what every child wants – a place to call home.

Age: 15

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