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When’s the last time you met a kid who loves vacuum cleaners? Our friend 10-year-old Alex is fascinated by vacuum cleaners, of all things. Is that great or what?! Alex is a unique young man. He is autistic and mostly non-verbal, and his difficulties communicating often leave him frustrated and upset, which can affect his mood and behaviors. But in between those moments, he’s a typically active young man who enjoys playing on his iPad and absolutely loves going to school. Oh, and he’s never met a snack he didn’t like, either! Alex is a typical 8-year-old in so many ways, and he’s capable of becoming an amazing young man who can make his mark on the world in his own special way. What a blessing and honor it would be to be the family standing beside him and wrapping around him as he continues on his way. Do you think you might be that family? If you have a nice vacuum, you’re off to a great start! 4296531

Age: 13

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