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We firmly believe that there is a family out there who is a perfect fit for each child on the Heart Gallery. The same is true for our buddy Jacob, but his family will need to be a little different than most. Jacob has some developmental delays that require a lot of support. Fortunately, Jacob is already surrounded by an amazing team of professionals who are amazed each day by how much progress he’s making. Jacob receives physical, occupational, and speech therapies at school, and he’s a star pupil! Jacob dresses himself with very little assistance, and he does great washing his body and his hair. He struggles with verbal communication, but he’s made tremendous progress in this area in particular…he’s using more and more words every day. He can still get a little frustrated when he knows what we wants to say but can’t find the words, so he needs some patience and grace as he works through this. Maybe the most endearing thing about Jacob is his special way of showing his affection for you. He loves to look you in the eyes and then very gently touch his lips to your cheek. It is the sweetest thing you’ll ever experience! Jacob is going to need a very patient, structured family who is committed to working closely with his support team to learn his strengths and struggles and put him in situations where he can be his best. Routines and very clear guidance and expectations are very important for Jacob. With those things and the ongoing support of his team, Jacob and his new family will be in great shape for a lifetime of those sweet little kisses on the cheek and amazing successes.

Age: 11

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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