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Our friend Joshua is an interesting young man, and we mean in that in the best way possible. He’s just got a wide variety of interests and traits, which makes him a kid you just want to be around and learn from. The first impression you get from Joshua is that he’s a quiet kid. He likes to sit back and observe his surroundings before he acts or speaks. He’s also a good listener as he takes things in and decides if he feels comfortable enough to come out of his shell. This trait is fairly uncommon in kids his age, but it’s refreshing isn’t it? When he knows he can safely be a part of a group, he relaxes and becomes quite talkative and engaged. This “wait and see” approach is borne from his desire to be liked and accepted. He really wants everyone to like him. He also likes drawing and building things. In fact, he’s got a real gift for anything that allows him to use his hands. Joshua has his moments, however. He’s sensitive to being accepted or left out of things, and he can have an outburst when he gets frustrated. This is totally normal for a young man who wants desperately to belong again…to have a family and friends who will be there for him forever. Joshua is an amazing kid who is ready to find his forever. Somewhere out there is a two-parent family looking for him, too. We just know it.

Age: 13

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