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We are so lucky to get the opportunity to get to know the kids whose photos you see here on the Heart Gallery. Every child we highlight has a story worth telling and they’re all worth our best efforts. But some kids really make an impact on us and we really deeply hope that our efforts, in some small way, help connect them with the perfect family for them before it’s too late. This is the case with our friend Kylar. Kylar just turned 15 and in many ways is a typical teenager. He loves the new iPod and Beats headphones he received for his birthday, he enjoys playing sports and being active, and he has a healthy disinterest in schoolwork! His smile and laugh just light up a room and he’s truly appreciative of those folks lucky enough to be a part of his life. But because of his upbringing, he has some attachment and trust issues that make finding that perfect “forever family” difficult. He also has some developmental and intellectual challenges that are being addressed by his team. Kylar will need a committed, flexible two-parent home where he would be the oldest child in the home. Kylar has three other siblings who have been adopted, and he misses having younger siblings very much and will be an amazing big brother! Folks, our Kylar is a special young man who wants and deserves a family as wonderful as he is. Are you that family? 2415614

Age: 16

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