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When we asked our buddy Kaleb to describe himself, he summed himself up quite nicely – “I enjoy working out, playing video games, and staying out of drama.” We like staying out of drama, too, Kaleb.How great is that?! Kaleb is a great kid who has the same likes as other kids his age. We know about the exercise and the video games, but Kaleb also loves food. His favorite foods are ramen noodles, shrimp, ice cream, and cake – quite the list, huh? And he loves dining out at local restaurants. But Kaleb does have some challenges. He is on the autism spectrum, and he can get a little frustrated and upset at times when he just can’t process his emotions or the world around him. The perfect family for Kaleb will need to be patient and calm to help Kaleb work through things when he gets over-stimulated. Most of all, they need to make sure that Kaleb knows he is safe when he’s with them. All in all, that’s a pretty simple set of needs for a pretty amazing young man.

Age: 16

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