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Joey wants someone that he can talk to that will listen and that honestly cares for him. Most people see Joey and think he is just a teen boy that likes to keep to himself. When you talk to Joey, you will find that he has had people in his past that have invested in him – his father and grandmother – that both, sadly, have passed away. His time to himself is genuine peace that he finds in nature. When given the opportunity, Joey loves to be outside, just taking time in the stillness and quiet. On the flipside, Joey does enjoy being with friends and likes good food, football, animals, and music. He is a sweet kid and would like to have a forever family with siblings and pets. He wants to have others around him, but they need to have the understanding that he needs time to himself as well. Joey has dreams of becoming as RN and fulfilling his grandmother’s dream for him to thrive in his life. I have no doubt that Joey can do those things on his own, but he shouldn’t have to. He wants to have a forever family. Are you his forever mom or dad that is waiting to take Joey out to the woods and just simply be a presence with him or take him out for pizza to listen to the words of his heart? Watch the short film below to get to know Joey a bit more. Inquire below, because Joey needs you.

Age: 19

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