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Calling all outdoors-y families! You need to pay attention to this kiddo! Our friend Kayden is a huge fan of outdoor adventures and activities. Hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, boating on the lake – you name it, he loves it. He just really enjoys being outside in the sun and trying new things, like playing football. After years of watching, now he’s ready to get in on the action himself. Kayden’s pre-game meal, without a doubt, would be BBQ ribs. It would be his post-game meal, too! Anytime is a good time for ribs in Kayden’s book. As outgoing as Kayden is when he’s around his family, when it comes to being around his peers, he’s actually happier keeping to himself and doing his own thing. He doesn’t have any issues getting along with his peers; he just prefers to walk his own path. Schoolwork doesn’t always come easy to Kayden, so he has an IEP to help support him where needed. Kayden also gets support for his past trauma in therapy, where he’s doing well and getting the help he needs. We’re all quite impressed with Kayden and his conscious approach to improving himself every day because he knows what his goal is – a family to call his own. Kayden’s team tells us he would do equally well in a two-parent home (with a strong male role model, ideally) or a single-parent home. Whatever your family looks like, be prepared to be outdoors a lot, but also make room and time for some alone time with Kayden. He’s quite a young man, and we know you’ll love him as much as we do

Age: 14

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A family has been identified for Kayden! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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