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It’s tough to believe that everything is going to work out when you can’t see an end to your struggles. It’s hard to trust in the plan and put in the effort and keep the faith when there’s just no hope, right? That’s human nature, and we all struggle with this from time to time. But for most of us, we find strength in our family and friends. We see that they believe in us, so we keep fighting and we find our way. But for many kiddos on the Heart Gallery – including our friend Alex – this situation can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. When they don’t believe that any family could ever want them (because rejection and abandonment is all they’ve ever experienced with family), they have little incentive to work through their trauma and the behaviors it’s created. And because their file shows a history of trauma-induced behaviors, not many families show any real interest. That’s a terrible cycle to be stuck in, and it’s where we find Alex. He’s a super intelligent, thoughtful kid who is very self-aware of his circumstances. He doesn’t trust adults, because every adult he’s ever known who was supposed to love and protect him has let him down. He told us recently that he can’t remember the last time he was happy. That should take your breath away. Alex cannot remember a time when he was happy. But he wants to be happy. He wants to trust. He wants to believe. But he needs to see it first. He needs to experience the love and support and safety of a family walking with him along his path in real time. That’s the key to unlock the door to Alex’s future. He needs a family to see what we see – a kid who is struggling a little but is right on the edge of breaking through – and give him a safe place to keep fighting and keep working and keep believing. A safe place for Alex to work hard on his trauma and also just be a kid and play with Legos or his Nintendo Switch. If we’re being picky, Alex would likely do best in a home with two parents, one of whom should be a strong, positive male role model. But Alex’s team is confident he will do well in any home environment that can give him the guidance, structure, and endless love he needs and deserves. We know you’re out there. Be a difference-maker and a cycle-breaker for Alex. He needs you.

Age: 15

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