There are people who love pets. Then there are people like Kaela who REALLY love pets. Kaela is allergic to cats, but she loves her pet cat so much that she takes allergy medication everyday just so she can love on her feline friend! That tells you a lot about the kind of person our friend Kaela is, but she’s so much more. She is in band at school and participates in cheerleading and gymnastics. Kaela also loves Asian food and anything spicy! Kaela’s foster parents noted that she is self-sufficient and really enjoys encouraging and supporting others. Now, Kaela can be a little needy and demand your attention, but she comes from a good place with her attention-seeking. She just wants you to be proud of her. Kaela will need either a one- or two-parent family. And ideally, she’d be the youngest child or the only child in the family. Kaela just needs that little extra attention that the “baby” in the family always gets! If you’d like to know more about Kaela, just ask below.

Age: 14

Inquire About Kaela

A family has been identified for Kaela! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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