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We’ve said it before, but some hard truths bear repeating. Finding adoptive homes for our kids – especially our teens – is incredibly difficult and incredibly important. We know what is at stake if forever families aren't found. We understand the risks and the reality of life without a family. We know from experience the probabilities and the statistical realities that come when children age out of foster care before finding a family of their own. Folks, it’s tough to think about, but it drives why we do what we do. We believe, with everything that is within us, that every single child deserves the support, nurturing, comfort and unconditional love of their very own family. 16-year-old Justin deserves it. He’s a great kid who’s had very few things go right in his young life, through no fault of his own. If any child needs a win, it’s Justin. Take a good look at this photo, then close your eyes and imagine all the “firsts” you and Justin could experience as a family – birthdays, holidays, high school, learning to drive, etc. Can you see the huge smile on Justin’s face as he experiences these things with you at his side? Now imagine his face without you there to help guide him through these things. Does his facial expression change? Do you think he’ll look forward to these firsts as he experiences them all alone? Friends, you have an amazing opportunity to change Justin’s life – and your own – forever, all with a simple “Yes, we’d like to learn more about Justin.” 2454319

Age: 17

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