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We might be biased, but Jydaveous is 24-carat magic in our eyes. (Yes, that’s a Bruno Mars reference - we think Jy could be his twinkie!). If a family wanted to take the time to keep polishing on the social skills Jy has been developing with his foster family – it could be a golden opportunity to have a lifetime of happiness. Sometimes, Jy has to work really hard to control his anger and not isolate from others, but he’s taking huge steps in the right direction. Just recently, he took a trip with his foster parents and made some awesome memories. Like many young boys, this 11-year-old loves to play Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, and most Nintendo games. In some ways, it’s been a way for him to escape the less playful things that have happened in his short life. The right family for Jy will need to have time to devote to helping him grow and hone those skills he’s started to develop. So, what do you say? Ready to push start and be the Luigi to his Mario?

Age: 15

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