Our friend Jordan is cute as a bug! She is a kind, outgoing young lady who has never met a stranger. She is very personable, not shy in the least, and will talk with you at length about whatever topic is fresh in her mind. Jordan loves playing outside, but she’ll come in quickly for a plate of chicken nuggets and mac & cheese! Her foster parents love her dearly, and they told us that she loves church and has an incredible memory – she can remember scripture, song lyrics, etc. like no one they’ve ever known. Jordan’s big, fun personality can also make her seem a little stubborn at times, but they assure us that she’s easily re-directed. Her foster parents offered some great advice for her future forever family. Give Jordan the time and space she needs to process change – both in her normal routines and in her living situation. All kids struggle with transitions, and Jordan will be no different. But she’ll adjust with time and do just fine. Jordan is such a joy to be around, and she’ll be singing and dancing her way into your heart in no time at all!

Age: 6

Inquire About Jordan

A family has been identified for Jordan! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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