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14-year-old Kaden is one of those kids that just has a special spark in his eyes that sticks with you. Those eyes and that easy smile of his endear him to everyone that meets him. He’s a sensitive, creative, sometimes shy young man who wants desperately to please everyone. That desire to please people comes from being raised by parents and other caregivers who found fault in nearly everything that he did and constantly criticized him. As you might expect, that has left young Kaden with self-esteem and self-confidence issues that sometimes manifest in less than happy moods. Kaden needs parents who will see all the good, the creativity and the joy that he possesses and will be willing to show him what real parents are like – patient, caring, supportive and loving. Kaden will reward that love with a lifetime of smiles, laughter and flashes of that special spark in those blue eyes of his. Are you the lucky family for Kaden? 2931255

Age: 14

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