Kiera is just a baby, and as you might expect, she is just a little sweetie. She likes to babble, giggle, and play on her playmat, but her sweet spirit and big smile don’t tell her full story. She’s also developmentally delayed and has some significant physical issues. She is legally blind, and mostly deaf. She has to wear a hearing aid to help with her hearing and speech, and she currently has a feeding tube to make sure she gets the nutrition she needs to grow and thrive. Kiera has her struggles, but they have no impact on her personality. She is playful and vibrant and attentive to the people around her. Plus, she has a great team of professionals to help with her therapies and treatments. The family who adopts Ms. Kiera will have plenty of support and extra care for her. Kiera’s perfect family really needs to live in or near Little Rock to be close to Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the School of the Blind. She needs a family who is able to give loving and consistent care and is committed to supporting her for the long haul along with her team. We know you’re out there, and Kiera does, too. She’s waiting to meet you and show you that she has plenty of love and happiness to go around.

Age: 2

Inquire About Kiera

A family has been identified for Kiera! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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