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It is a good thing Mylasha is an overcomer, because there are a lot of things in her past that she is working to overcome. And it is going to take a special family - a strong, two-parent home with no other children - to help her. Even though her bio family exposed her to a lot of violence and mental instability, she longs for connection, especially with her older brother. Learning healthy boundaries and anger management strategies will help Mylasha greatly. She enjoys manicure kits and nail art, and Mylasha likes to dance and practice mindful coloring to help her calm down when agitated. She needs a patient and dedicated couple willing to work with schools, law enforcement agencies, mental health agencies, and help her navigate bio family connection. If you are motivated to succeed where others have failed, Mylasha may be the challenge you have been praying for and she is certainly worth your effort.

Age: 17

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