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Meet Morrell, a dynamic teen who has a special affinity for video games, not just playing them but also learning about how they're created. His interests don't stop there though, he's an enthusiastic sports lover too, with a particular fondness for basketball. Like any teenager, Morrell has his set of challenges. He sometimes finds it difficult to listen, preferring to do things his own way and occasionally resisting understanding the reasons behind certain requests. But these struggles are just a part of his growth journey. The ideal family for Morrell would be a two-parent household with siblings around his age, a dynamic that he looks forward to. He's a big fan of basketball, whether it's playing the sport or watching it. Also, he has quite a fondness for burritos! One of Morrell's cherished memories is the time spent with his mother and sister. His bond with his sister is especially strong and he wants to ensure that any adoption scenario would allow him to maintain that precious connection. Morrell is a bright, spirited teen who is keen on finding a loving adoptive family. But he also values his relationship with his sister greatly. The family that welcomes Morrell will not just gain a son, but an extended connection to a young man's cherished sister.

Age: 17

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