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17-year-old Andres is one devilishly handsome young man. Just look at that photo! His eyes just jump off the screen, don’t they? But those eyes have seen more than their fair share of trauma and upheaval. Like so many of our youth in care, Andres has had a tough childhood and he not so proudly carries the scars of that upbringing. He can get overwhelmed emotionally and act out in negative ways at times, but it’s only because he wants so badly to be wanted by someone. Let that sink in for a moment. Andres doesn’t necessarily want a rich family with a huge house and a bunch of toys (although he wouldn’t turn one down!). He just wants someone to see past his behaviors and understand that they are borne out of fear, anxiety and uncertainty. He just wants someone to see his potential and his strengths and the kind of young man he wants to be. He just wants someone to want him and love him and allow him the room and time to learn how to accept that love and trust that they’re not going to leave him. It really can be that simple. If you want to learn more about our friend Andres, please let us know. 3553281

Age: 17

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