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Everyone, we’d like you to meet our friend Nahdea. Cool name, huh? Nahdea is an instantly likeable young lady. That smile you see in the photo is genuine and she just lights up a room when she flashes it. Nahdea is like most kids her age. She loves drawing, swimming, and going places and doing fun stuff. She also loves broccoli! Nahdea also loves her original family, but none of them are in a position to provide a safe, stable, nurturing home for her. She understands this, but it doesn’t stop the emotions from getting to her at times. The sadness, the anxiety, the uncertainty about her future. As you might imagine, when she feels these things, they can come out in different ways – she can get angry, argumentative, and just have a sour attitude for a while. But that’s OK. It’s normal, and she’s working her way through smart, productive ways to cope with her emotions. But she needs you there by her side to help her along the way. She needs to know that she has someone who loves and wants her, even when she gets a little upset. Ideally, that someone would be one of the amazing single moms reading this bio right now. If that’s you, don’t wait – ask us about Nahdea right now and learn more about this amazing young lady.

Age: 17

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