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We often say that we’re looking for the perfect adoptive family for a particular child. That’s not to say that we’re looking for “perfect” families. Even if such a thing existed, textbook perfection is not what our kids need. Each child needs a family whose qualities are a perfect fit for that child’s needs. What does that mean? Every family out there, maybe even your family, is perfect in its own way for one of the amazing kiddos here on the Heart Gallery. That is certainly true for our friend Levi. Someone reading this bio right now is “the” family for him, but it will need to be a special family. Levi is autistic and has been diagnosed with mild mental retardation, so his needs are different from most of the kids here on the Heart Gallery. Levi is non-verbal, but he has developed ways to communicate what he wants and needs and to express how he feels. Believe us, Levi “talks” to you just as much as any other kiddo, just in more creative ways. Levi is such a joyful, positive young man, and he deserves a family to wrap around him and love and support him for the rest of his life. Going forward, Levi will need a one- or two-parent home that is patient and has experience with autism and Levi’s special needs. We know you’re out there, folks! We just need you to see Levi like we see him – a young man will a life full of potential and joy to bring to your family.

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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