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Our buddy Matthew is one of those kids who’s comfortable in lots of different environments. He’s a thoughtful, quiet kid who is super creative with a great imagination. At the same time, he loves the outdoors and playing games with family and friends. In other words, whatever your family is doing at any given moment, Matthew is likely to be as happy as he can be. That’s not to say that Matthew doesn’t struggle with some things. At times, he can get frustrated and lose his temper, but that’s normal, right? Matthew knows this is something he needs to get better with, and he’s rolled up his sleeves and put in the work to learn coping skills that work for him. Like all the kids on the Heart Gallery, Matthew is a work in progress…and he needs you to come alongside him and show him what it feels like to be a part of something bigger than himself again. He needs to know what a supportive, patient, and understanding family looks like. With those simple things, Matthew is poised to amaze even those of us who know him with all he can accomplish.

Age: 16

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