Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


Most of us have wonderful memories of our childhoods. Others have childhoods we’d just as soon forget. But our friend Reagan is stuck somewhere in the middle. She certainly has past traumas she’d prefer to forget and move on from. But she also has days when she wants to go back and re-discover the good moments and memories that she’d pushed away with all the others. Even her name is a part of that back and forth. At one point in her life, Reagan was known as Kennedy (which you’ll notice in her short film), but that time in her life is one she’d prefer to leave behind. So, she chose to resurrect a part of her past that brought her joy and a sense of pride – her name. Making this choice was incredibly courageous, but it’s also created a curiosity in Reagan. There are good, happy moments and experiences that she’d like to remember and build upon as she moves forward. But she’s not always sure if the risk is worth the reward. Her past has some traumas that can bubble up and affect her behaviors at times, so she struggles with wanting to re-visit her past. It’s a true Catch-22 for Reagan, and she needs someone to help her make the best of her life experiences. Isn’t that we all try to do? Learn from our past experiences – both good and bad – and make the best of the life in front of us? That’s what Reagan wants to do, too. Reagan is looking for a strong mother to help guide her and support her on her journey. And it will be an amazing journey together with Reagan. She has the intelligence, curiosity, and toughness to take her anywhere she’d like to go…she just needs you by her side.

Age: 17

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