We’re not telling you what to do, but you might want to let your eyes linger on this bio – you’re about to meet a fantastic kid. Angelyn, or Angie as she likes to be called, is a fascinating, multi-faceted young lady. She loves pets and Disney princess movies almost as much as she loves Barbies and Legos. She also craves and responds really well to positive praise and recognition. She struggles with low self-esteem and shyness and she sometimes doesn’t process her emotions in an appropriate way. It also takes a little longer than she’d like to calm down when she gets upset. But the great news is that these behaviors are absolutely going to get better with time, patience, and support. Angie has a beautiful, happy spirit as her foundation, but she needs to be surrounded by the right family to really find her wings. What does that family look like? She needs a family committed to routines, structure, and consistency with experience parenting kiddos already, and she needs to be the only child in the home so she can get the one-on-one attention and praise that she needs. If this sounds like your family, let us know.

Age: 13

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Pastor Brad & SOCO Church

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A family has been identified for Angelyn! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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