No family is complete without a Disney Princess, right? What if we had someone even better than a Disney Princess? Meet Nevaeh, a young girl who is due to start Kindergarten soon and loves all the things girls like – makeup, playing dress-up, playing with dolls, and of course, Disney Princesses! Nevaeh is a confident child who interacts well with adults and other children, which will serve her well in any family dynamic. Though she may have the confidence of a Disney Princess, Nevaeh finds it challenging to trust others because of the many changes she has experienced in her short life, . Stability will be paramount when selecting the right family for Neveah. According to her adoption specialist, Nevaeh adjusts well to new environments and family dynamics, but it does take her time. This means that Neveah will need a family that can be patient with her as she adjusts. Could you be the right family for Nevaeh? Complete the form below to learn more and find out if your family could be the right match for Nevaeh!

Age: 6

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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