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Shree’s story is all about overcoming obstacles. When Shree first came into foster care, she was far behind her peers academically and developmentally. Shree never received the support and nurturing she needed to develop at the same pace as other kids her age. But since coming into foster care, Shree has made up for lost time! She has made tons of progress and can read, write, spell her name, and so much more. Shree is even quickly picking up math skills. We’re all super proud of her, but she still has a way to go. That’s where you come in. As much progress as Shree has made in her foster home, she’ll make even more when she’s home forever with you. We see it all the time. As soon as she realizes she’s home and she feels wanted, safe, and secure, all the energy her mind and body are devoting to anxiety, fear, and uncertainty will shift to the things they should be focused on – the things that she loves, like learning, swimming, being outside, and playing school and babies. Shree will need a patient, supportive, two-parent home where she can receive the extra attention she needs and deserves. And love…lots of unconditional love.

Age: 9

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Bill and Tabietha Dillard

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A family has been identified for Shree! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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