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Meet Tristin, a grade-schooler with an infectious enthusiasm for life. Tristin has a soft spot for donuts and candy, and he's a fan of basketball. His imagination is fired by dinosaurs and superheroes, and he finds joy in these fascinating worlds of power and adventure. Like many children his age, Tristin faces challenges. He has difficulty dealing with unkindness, he's not a fan of vegetables, and often requires several reminders to complete tasks. Additionally, he's a bit on the shy side, but that's just part of his charming personality. In terms of family dynamics, Tristin would thrive in a two-parent household, ideally one with siblings. His favorite foods include cheeseburgers and, of course, donuts! But Tristin isn't just about food and games, he also values education and enjoys going to school. Beyond his usual interests, Tristin finds delight in fishing and has a special interest in snakes and turtles. Tristin is a grade-schooler full of life, curiosity, and boundless energy. He is ready to share his world with a loving family that can provide him the nurturing environment he needs to continue growing into his potential.

Age: 7

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A family has been identified for Tristan! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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