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If we’re lucky, we all know someone in our lives who is just a naturally happy person – always upbeat and happy-go-lucky. Our buddy Richard is one of those people. His caregivers describe him as a very loving child who is typically always happy, even though life hasn’t always given him much reason to be. He loves Transformers (especially Bumblebee!) and enjoys his electronics like any other kid. Richard has some medical issues that are important to know about. Richard has a partial prosthetic on his right leg, and he attends OT and PT therapy as a result. Richard handles these obstacles really well most of the time, although he can use them as a way to try to get out of doing something he doesn’t want to do (like chores!). But don’t let Richard fool you…he’s a champ and tackles the world around him just fine. Richard has come close to being adopted before, but it wasn’t the right situation for him. This hasn’t changed his mind about wanting a forever home, though. He truly believes the perfect family for him is out there, just waiting to learn about him. We believe that, too, and we know that you’re out there. If you’re reading this, maybe it’s you or someone in your circle of family and friends. Ask us below for more info on Richard…you won’t regret it!

Age: 15

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