Our buddy Robert is a special kiddo, for more reasons than you may think. Robert is non-verbal and has cerebral palsy, which presents him with challenges that most kids don’t have to deal with. But don’t think for a second that these challenges get the best of Robert. Not by a long shot. He loves using his iPad to communicate, and he’s becoming quite the storyteller and conversationalist! He’s captivated by visual stimuli, so he really loves watching cartoons and movies on TV and his tablet, especially the movie “Twister” and anything related to tornadoes. One of his favorite things is to get his caseworker to draw sketches of tornadoes for him during visits…it’s the cutest thing ever. Robert also loves interacting and playing with his other foster brothers and sisters. You see, Robert doesn’t see himself as limited, and neither should we. He’s smart as a whip and loves a challenge, so we can’t wait to see what Robert is going to be able to accomplish in his future. Robert’s perfect family will need to continue his therapies and medical appointments, but rest assured, you’ll have lots of help. Robert has a great support system of therapists and other staff ready to walk alongside you through the whole thing. Robert is more than ready to face whatever life has in store for him, but he wants and needs you there to experience it all with him. Yes, it will be a little different path than others will face, but what an amazing journey it will be.

Age: 14

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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