This is our friend Thomas. He is a young man that wants a forever mom and dad and needs a forever family that will be patient, committed, supportive, and nurturing and provide a safe environment. He needs to be the youngest or the only child in the home. He truly needs one-on-one attention to continue maturing and thriving. He can be defiant and struggles with following directions and maintaining boundaries. He finds it a challenge to show respect to women as he learned disrespect from his biological father. It is hard for him to interact with his peers at times, too, but he’s making great strides every day. Imagine though how Thomas could change and mature with the right forever mom and dad in his life. Ones that show him strength with compassion and love with boundaries. This young boy has so much potential to thrive in life, but he needs someone to change the trajectory he’s on. Are you willing to be the one he needs? To find out how, inquire below.

Age: 15

Inquire About Thomas

A family has been identified for Thomas! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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