Credit and Appreciation go to: Eli Murray Photography


Meet our athletic friend Bear – A young kiddo looking for his forever home! Bear is a sweet and friendly kid. We called Bear athletic because he is literally a jack of all trades! Bear is currently playing basketball, football, and soccer. Although Bear loves sports, he also loves astronomy and science. Like most growing boys, Bear enjoys mostly any food. His favorite food is Takis and anything spicy. Like most kids in foster care, Bear has experienced a lot of traumas in being adopted and then abandoned. He is very reserved and is working through processing his emotions. He can be anxious and is working through that in counseling. Bear would do best in any family dynamic. Bear does will with children of all ages, but he tends to gravitate towards older children.

Age: 10

Inquire About Bear

A family has been identified for Bear! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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