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We love all of our kiddos, but there’s just something about Tony that immediately catches your attention. For starters, he’s originally from Bulgaria, and he has some really great stories about his home country. He’s really smart, has a great personality, and he is super easy to get along with. He also makes friends easily, although he doesn’t always choose to surround himself with the best influences at first. Tony is everybody’s friend, but he also struggles a little with anxiety in big crowds, and because of his past trauma, he doesn’t always do well with female authority figures in one-on-one interactions. At home, Tony would need either a two-parent home or a single father. Tony really needs a strong male role model to help him develop and learn how to treat everyone with respect. Tony also needs to be the youngest child in the home, or at least be significantly older than the youngest child in the home. In this environment, Tony will absolutely flourish and become the young man we all know he can be.

Age: 17

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