Bryce, a teenager with a zest for adventure and a love for the great outdoors, is quite the explorer at heart. Whether he's climbing a tree, following a trail, or interacting with animals, Bryce's spirit comes alive in nature. His affinity for animals, in particular, speaks volumes about his caring and empathetic side. Bryce has his struggles, too. He finds it challenging to accept authority, which stems from a history of self-reliance prior to entering foster care. Bryce and his siblings used to look after themselves, so adjusting to rules and structure was a significant shift. He also grapples with attachment issues, often finding it difficult to form close bonds with others. Furthermore, Bryce has wrestled with feelings of self-worth. These are intricate and sensitive issues that require understanding, respect, and support. Bryce will thrive in a single or two-parent household that provides a structured environment. His family should be equipped to support a child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), ensuring that he gets the specialized care and attention he needs. When it comes to food, Bryce is easy to please. He's open to all kinds of cuisines and dishes, making mealtime an exciting opportunity to explore various flavors and cuisines. A touching memory that showcases Bryce's capacity for love and connection involves a court-ordered family time with his siblings. Even though parental rights were eventually terminated and the siblings separated, the warmth, laughter, and mutual reliance between them during those meetings were evident. This memory hints at the deep bond Bryce is capable of forming and sustaining. He is more than a teenager looking for a home; he's an adventurous spirit eager to find a supportive, understanding family that will encourage him to continue his journey of self-discovery and growth.

Age: 13

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A family has been identified for Bryce! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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