Credit and Appreciation go to: Jenny Stricklin


Our friend Billy has been let down by those who were supposed to love and protect him. Instead of wrapping around him, his family pushed him away. This is true for a lot of kids on the Heart Gallery, but that disappointment has really hurt Billy. When he feels himself getting close to someone, he does what he knows to do…push them away. It’s a test, to see if you’ll abandon him the way his original family did. Billy doesn’t do it to be mean or hurtful. He does it to help protect his heart, which is huge! Billy is quick to make friends and gets along well with his peers, and he loves sports. And he desperately wants a new family, even if he has an odd way of showing it sometimes. Billy’s perfect home has a patient mom and dad willing to work with him through his anger and fear of being rejected again. Slowly, he’ll realize that history is not going to repeat itself and he has a family again, and that will be an amazing day!

Age: 15

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