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Braydyn is a loving soul which you can see in the way he treats animals. He loves all animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day. He isn’t a picky eater and will try almost anything. However, his favorite food is always dessert—can you blame him? He is known to help around the house and is kind and genuine. He struggles some with math in school, which sometimes upsets him and causes him to have outbursts. He is working on controlling his anger, and also his math skills because he wants to do well in life. Braydyn is working on become a better person, but being a young man is difficult, and he needs all the support he can get. He would thrive in a strong family dynamic with a two parent household. He loves going out and doing things, so he would do well with a parent who is very interactive with him to show that they care. If you think you could provide this for Braydyn, please fill out a form below.

Age: 16

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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