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To be free spirited one must typically have a light heart – one filled with peace, love, and happiness. In Brandy’s case, her free spirit survives despite the lack of those things. She has had a road of desperation, pain and trauma. And yet, Brandy is a beautiful young woman that takes pride in her appearance. She is also very friendly and kind, while she loves singing and enjoys listening to music and dancing in her free time. Brandy finds staying within boundaries and following the rules at home and at school difficult. She has been struggling in school, but she is working to improve her grades and behaviors. She finds it hard to interact with peers and due to her past can act inappropriately around some males. She also can become defiant and aggressive when overwhelmed. In order for Brandy to heal and move forward into a life not dictated by her past, she needs a forever mom that can provide structure, direction, and willing to patiently mentor her as she can be a strong willed child. Brandy will also need to continue in the therapies and services she is currently receiving in order to heal. Are you ready to pamper Brandy and show her that she is worth being loved? If so, please inquire below.

Age: 17

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Out of state home studies are not being considered at this time. Arkansas residents may inquire.

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