Introducing Case, an endearing and outgoing young man who charms everyone he meets. Case enjoys typical interests like playing on his tablet, watching his favorite show Paw Patrol, and being outside exploring with trucks and cars. Despite being born prematurely and a medical condition affecting his brain stem, Case has remained resilient. He has not had a seizure in two years, except for an isolated incident during a bout of flu in November 2022. A scheduled surgery in June aims to eliminate his risk of seizures altogether. Case is still mastering potty training and understanding the concept of "stranger danger," but these are just steps on his journey. What stands out most about Case is his sweetness, his openness to new people, and his joy that lights up any room. One of Case's favorite things is Paw Patrol—especially Marshall—and he has a special blanket and a love for bedtime stories. He's a fan of many foods, with Spanish rice and spaghetti topping his list. Case's family setting could be quite flexible, and it's important to note that he has two siblings who are with their biological father. This relationship can be maintained as the father is open to working with an adoptive family. The one thing that Case's foster mom emphasizes is the need to meet him personally, to experience the warmth and vibrancy he brings beyond what's written on paper. If you think your family could be the ideal setting for Case's continued growth and happiness, please reach out to learn more.

Age: 5

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A family has been identified for Case! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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