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Cajun food, Chinese food, and Mexican food are all favorites of Calise. But she says her all-time favorite meal is chicken and dumplings with fried okra. Calise is a foodie, which also explains her struggles with weight. A regular medication regimen and regular doctor visits are helping with her hyperthyroidism, but what Calise really needs is a strong, encouraging, and kind female role model in a one or two parent home; a family who can motivate her to exercise and eat healthy. A little motivation and oversight with school assignments would also benefit Calise, although her most recent report card was all A's and B’s (except for a C in math). Like a lot of teens, she struggles with the word “no.” On occasion, denials or discipline have resulted in strong emotions that she is working hard to learn to control.  She longs for her own room and closet, a pet dog, and to be heard and understood. She is eager to do chores or work to earn money. She can also be generous, giving away watercolor art pieces that she creates. Calise is eager to enjoy lots of family dinners with caring people she can call her own!

Age: 15

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