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This young lady may have the best name in the Heart Gallery. How great is the name Brendale?! And the rest of her is pretty great, too. Brendale loves to read and is always up for a trip to the library. She also enjoys listening to music and coloring in her free time, but if you want to really get her excited about something, invite her into the kitchen to help prepare a meal. She’s a budding chef who loves to learn about cooking. If you’ve read many of our bios on the Heart Gallery, you know a “but” is coming, right? All of our kiddos have some baggage from their younger years that also are a part of their story. Brendale is no different. She struggles interacting with peers her own age, and when she gets scared, frustrated, or upset, she doesn’t always remember the coping skills she’s learned to help her through. But these things are a small part of Brendale’s story, and they’re not written in stone. With the right family and a supportive, understanding home environment, she’ll continue her amazing progress and write a library full of new life stories with you by her side. Brendale does better around women and kids younger than she is, so keep that in mind as you think more about having this amazing young lady as a part of your family and home. If you’d like to know more about Brendale, just ask us.

Age: 17

Inquire About Brendale

A family has been identified for Brendale! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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