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16-year-old Chloe’s photo accurately shows a happy, smiling young lady with a hopeful, tender spirit. What it does not show is the trauma that she’s endured and the effect that that trauma has had on her. Chloe was raised in a home known more for anger and conflict than love and harmony, and she struggles at times with being overly bossy with others. She also has difficulties relating to male authority figures at times due to her past. Chloe has done an amazing job re-learning what both receiving and giving love, support, and respect are supposed to look like and she works hard each day to put these new lessons into practice with her peers and caregivers. At her core, Chloe is really just your normal 14-year-old young lady. She loves arts and crafts and enjoys singing, especially songs from her favorite movie, “Frozen” – Let it go! – but she will need a patient family who is prepared to model that positive, supportive mother/father behavior that her parents could not and allow her the room and time she needs to continue her remarkable progress and growth. 3924382

Age: 16

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