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Like many kids here on the Heart Gallery, there are several layers to our friend Charity. Most of those layers are flavored by her sweet and caring personality. She has a warm smile and a great laugh, but she doesn’t let it shine as often as she should. That’s because she struggles at times handling the trauma that she experienced as a young child. Sometimes, the old lessons she learned, the old abuse and neglect she suffered, and the old coping mechanisms come back to the surface, and she doesn’t know yet how to process all those things. But she’s learning, and she’s replacing all those old lessons, experiences, and responses with new and better ones every day. We’re super proud of Charity for working so hard, because she wants the same thing that we all want – for her to find a perfect adoptive family for her. We know you’re out there! Charity needs a two-parent home, but aside from that, the canvas is blank. Please don’t skip over this bio without slowing down and considering being the center of Charity’s world as she learns who she is and what she’s capable of with the right support, guidance, and love. She’s worth it.

Age: 16

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