Credit and Appreciation go to: Van Dover Photography


Your time may be the greatest gift you could ever give our friend Addilee. Your time and your undivided attention is all she really wants. Chaos and uncertainty and abandonment is all Addilee has ever known, and it shows in her behaviors. She hesitates to attach and bond, because she’s been disappointed before. She throws tantrums and has outbursts, because she’s been hurt before. But she also loves, and loves big, because it’s who she is. She’s a girly girl through and through and she loves all the dresses and makeup and shoes. But it’s not about things for Addilee. It’s you. She wants a mom and a dad, all to herself. That attention and time spent together is what Addilee needs to thrive. So if you’re reading this and thinking, maybe this is the special human being who we need in our lives, don’t hesitate. Because Addilee needs you, too.

Age: 13

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A family has been identified for Addilee! She will remain in our Heart Gallery until her adoption has finalized.

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