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Everyone, please meet our buddy Charlie. Charlie enjoys music, and he loves to sing and is really interested in playing the piano. Charlie loves Marvel Comics, drawing, and creating things. As you can tell, he’s really creative. His favorite foods are cheese dip, cereal, peanut butter and ALL types of fruits. At his core, Charlie is a thoughtful kid who is guarded but who craves affection. He struggles at times with trusting adults, and he does not always know how to expresses his emotions in a healthy way. Charlie needs a lot of reassurance and encouragement, and he does well in one-on-one interactions. Charlie is a child who needs a lot of attention and understanding from a two-parent or single parent home who will be consistent and firm. A family who is firm can help him learn how to control his emotions when he gets frustrated and communicate what he’s feeling. Charlie would do best in a home with older children or where he can be the only child in the household. Charlie needs to know that he’s safe and that he’s home, no matter what. His walls will come down and he’ll do great, we just know it.

Age: 10

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A family has been identified for Charlie! He will remain in our Heart Gallery until his adoption has finalized.

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